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  • “Penguins travel long distances to produce their offspring. At that time, they walk side-by-side, huddled together to conserve heat in order to survive in hostile weather conditions. The principle of consolidation and cooperation aimed at one single goal makes it possible to overcome difficulties and achieve set goals.“ Penguin Way

Welcome to the "Penguin Way" project!

Penguin Way – is a research and development project focusing on management and information technology. Our solutions will allow us to significantly speed up development processes in many fields, including business, economics, science and education.
Qualitative knowledge, information and technologies should become more understandable and accessible to everyone, bringing about strong, healthy economic and social development. Ruslan BaturaFounder Penguin Way

Why? (Introduction)

The current market for information technologies and business services is growing rapidly, offering an ever increasing range of products. This expansion in the market can considerably increase the workload associated with the processes of searching, analysing, selecting, developing and integrating any new products and services into a company. This means that expenditure connected with these initial processes can contribute to a considerably greater proportion of a company’s costs than the actual cost of the final product.

We can see a considerable integration gap between front-office and back-office business development products and services. We believe that B2B front-office process technology is insufficiently developed, despite being one of the most important parts of any business.

Development of the current model of the market of information technologies and business services could be demonstrated with an example of a single person trying to work at the same time at five different desks with several computers.

We think that the current market for information and management products has reached a new stage in its evolutionary development. Increases in the product range in this market model do not ensure fundamental progress and, in specific cases, can even cause unreasonable additional load both on suppliers and users.

Our project offers a gradual transition of all B2B sector companies to the new innovational level of technological solutions. We offer a centralised cloud platform and a new principle in its use, aimed at an increase in efficiency and the automation of integration, communication, organisational and intellectual processes.


What? (About Project)

Penguin Way is a project to develop information and management technologies. The project is focused on the creation of artificial intelligence that works in the centralised cloud platform, utilising the new approach to information and process management. The main goal of the project is the transition of all business services and IT companies together with their customers to a new level of work and interaction. This solution allows users and suppliers to work and cooperate in the same cloud environment in a more unified and complete way to achieve improved business results.

Cloud Platform: Provides an access portal for communication between business users. It is also a complete solution for the development and management of external (front-office) and internal (back-office) communication, organisational, intellectual and integration processes.

Information and Process Management: Most companies have the same main procedures for initial data processing. We developed a new principle of formation and operation of public and private processes and information within our cloud platform, without causing any conflict of confidentiality-related interests between system users. This solution reduces costs significantly, improves quality and speeds up the process of information processing by system users.

Artificial Intelligence: This technology will be able to independently accumulate and analyse received data and, based on that analysis, would offer best task solutions.The system can autonomously perform further planning and management of processes for the implementation of these solutions. Platform customers can create artificial intelligence agents in a cloud working as fully functional, autonomous company employees. This will significantly increase a company’s efficiency and allow employees to focus on more advanced tasks.

How? (Management Structure)

The management model for the whole project is based on the principle of the formation of a strategy-development alliance between the different-type companies participating in the project development. We are approaching the work on the project by dividing it into separate parts. Each part is then developed as an independent project. All parts complement each other or may work completely separately as individual business products.

One or several companies may participate in any one project at the same time. In the event of achieving a successful development, the project can be transformed into a separate company, where project participants may get shares in any future company or remuneration under the terms and conditions of a preliminary agreement.

Penguin Way (function): Responsible for the research and development, architecture, design and strategic management of all technologies.

Companies Alliance (function): Companies from different market sectors, such as software engineers, management consulting, market research services, call centres, business data suppliers,  venture capital, etc. may take part at different stages of project creation and its further development by investing their own resources.

This management model creates a significant resource base for the effective development of the project. And, most importantly, it provides the project participants with a powerful auxiliary resource for the development of their companies at the new level. The solution offers the possibility to develop the project on a global scale without requiring considerable financial and time expenditures, minimising the risk for all the project participants.

We would like to invite medium and enterprise companies from the information technologies, business services and financial sectors to take part in the creation of our technology and its further development.


In any part of our project, whether it’s a development strategy, the development of the cloud platform or the management structure of the whole project, we adhere to the single fundamental principle of formation and development explained by the meaning of our name “Penguin Way”.

Penguins travel long distances to produce their offspring. At that time, they walk side-by-side, huddled together to conserve heat in order to survive in hostile weather conditions. The principle of consolidation and cooperation aimed at one single goal makes it possible to overcome difficulties and achieve set goals.

We are certain that the new principle of consolidation and cooperation we are developing will allow companies to find a range of opportunities for future development in a completely new way. This principle may be applied in different fields of activity, such as the development of technologies, management, education, building of mutual relations, etc. Wide-scale application of our solution may result in the progress and development of the whole market.

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